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tv   9 News Now Tonight  CBS  April 30, 2010 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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the bus off. >> reporter: dc fire and ems say the driver of the christopher joy lines bus 129 lost control, crossed the center line on ohio drive hitting the curb and taking out a light pole before striking the coach usa bus. >> one driver was pretty badly pinned in the vehicle. really required some tech nickal rescue. i'm peggy fox in arlington, where a man is dead after police hit him with a taser gun. his family is wondering why police even showed up, when they only needed an ambulance. >> i don't know why the police come to help ambulance with a taser gun to take somebody to the hospital. he has not committed a crime. >> reporter: friends of the man say he didn't deserve the treatment he got. they say he was suffering from depression and had been to the hospital earlier in the day. when he awoke and needed to go back to the hospital, his sister called 911 but paramedic
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and police arrived. >> officers were force odd to deploy a taser to get him under control. shortly thereafter they noticed the subject did not appear to be breathing. terrell brown in louisiana. the oil is slowly making its way on shore here. it is gradual process. it took ten days for it to get where it is now after the oil rig explosion on april 20th. >> the next few days are critical and we must do everything necessary and possible to protect our coast. >> reporter: the front end of the giant oil slick is coming ashore and bad weather is hampering efforts to stop. strong waves are pushing oil over the miles of floating protective barrier called booms. powerful tides could force the slick in the inlets and lakes of the gulf coast. >> the wetlands will act as a sponge and soak this up and it will be very difficult to get out of there. >> reporter: air forceplay
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planes are used to dump chemicals on the slick in an effort to break it up. plenty of oil will still get through. >> as the gulf coast braces for that long cleanup process, president obama is stopping all new off-shore drilling until the cause of the disaster is found. but virginia's governor bob mcdonnell is pushing the administration to continue plans of exploratory drilling off the coast of virginia. he says you don't ground every plane after one crashes and we can't stop drilling for oil. virginia's democrats do not agree. >> this is not just some idle, you know, imaginative risk. this is real risk that virginia will be incurring. >> reporter: moran admittedly favors holding drilling in virginia. and vendors at a seafood market are ordering as much shrimp as
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they can. environmental protection agency launched a website to keep us all informed of the health environmental impacts of the big spill. you can get there by logging on to just click on 9 news extras. police are hoping you can help to find a missing 14-year- old. jose guevara was missing last night and they are worried about his age and status. why the numbers don't add up between the public schools and the washington teachers union. slipped mastis was there when they brought their different versions of the story to city lawmakers. >> i mean it is an embarrassment. you did not do what you should have done with the schools. simple as that. >> that's your opinion. >> it is not an opinion. it is a fact. >> reporter: it took two years
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to reach an agreement with the washington teachers union and now overshadowed by fluctuating budget numbers. rhee admits to roll rolling it out before it was near cleared by the cfo office. >> there was a risk that there would be leaks about it. >> reporter: gang did says the contract cannot be certified as it stands now because it is not fiscally sound. teachers were laid off because of budget constraints, now the council wonders whether that was the case. >> and a great injustice has been done by dr. gan did, michelle rhee as relates to the firing of these teachers. >> reporter: many in the room wore black. they called it black friday because of the decision to layoff teachers. another issue is private funding. foundations could pull more than $60 million if there is a leadership change. >> if, for example, a chancellor leaves dcps, it is possible that one or more of
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the foundations may reconsider its future funding to help pay for the wdu. >> reporter: what will happen is gang di's office will try to close the gaps. the washington teachers union has come out and said they are ready to put the contract up for ratification but that cannot happen until it passes through the cfo's office. in northwest washington, 9 news now. after nearly two years of delays it looks like work will begin on the site of the dc convention center. city center dc will be a 350,000 square foot project. the washington business journal says a law firm signed a letter of intent to build but it is contingent on the developer getting finance to start the construction. the charles county sheriffs office is stepping up patrols around park and ride lots. officers say three catalytic converters were stolen from cars yesterday. those converters help control pollution but they also contain
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valuable metal such as platinum and thieves love to steal and sell them. virginia plans to sell $500 million in bonds to pay for transportation projects. it is part of a 2-point billion dollars plan to take place the next six years. the first bonds will help to pay to extend metro to dulles airport, rehabilitate 11 bridges along 95, install truck lanes and reconstruct route 6100 in fredericksburg and build light rail in norfolk. a commuter alert for the chain bridge is coming your way this weekend. the bridge is set to close in less than one hour and will be closed until 5:00 a.m. on monday. tune in to 9 news now at 4:25 a.m. on monday morning to make sure everything is opening on time. all right. get to the friday night rush hour. patranya bhoolsuwan is in the 9 news now traffic center. gets busy early but sometimes leer clears out late. >> tonight it is busy in many places out there.
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the chain bridge closure, some alternates you can take this weekend is the key bridge. we are looking live here. also, memorial, roosevelt and american legion. the key bridge in rosslyn in to georgetown is moving without incident. no problems throughout dc, as well. move over to a new accident in arlington to talk about. this has been the spot of many accidents tonight. so this is another one. a new one. lee highway, washington boulevard. this involves a dump truck. watch for this area if you are heading out in arlington tonight. on the american legion this is what we are talking about. a lot of late volume from american legion to the mor moan temple. this stretch is alone is more than a half hour for drivers. i have been checking to see if there are any accidents on the capital beltway. right now looking good. all lanes are open. just a lot of volume this friday. back to you. you may have forgotten about this winter's nasty weather, but odds are your lawn hasn't forgotten. some tips before you hit the garden ahead. i'm meteorologist topper
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shutt. a spectacular evening. we will come back and talk about the weekend and tell you when the showers and thunderstorms will roll in. an update is next. oñ
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folks are flocking to this stores in dc, maryland and virginia looking to buy their chance to win $224 million. that's what tonight's
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megamillions jackpot is worth but don't count your winnings yet. your odds of winning the jackpot, one in 175 million. you can see the winning numbers drawn live tonight during 9 news now at 11:00. the pentagon is the government's largest energy consumer. spent $20 billion on energy in 2008 and one of general petraeus' top logistical experts say the money spent an lives lost on military convoys is outrageous. >> we need to drive policies that encourage and insenty vise people to act in the right behavior. we do, in fact, drive energy reductions in places like iraq and afghanistan. we cannot risk bankrupting our nation by consuming these incredible amounts of fuel. >> on plat's energy week convoy is under attack and the pentagon's efforts to go green. that is sunday morning at 8:00. still to come, paying to
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enjoy. more on one local lawmakers ' plan to make you way when you want something sweet to drink and topper is back with the full weekend forecast. stay with us. 3q
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get ready to shell out money if you want to call and actually speak to a real person at the virginia department of motor vehicles. effective today it will be a long distance call after the state agency dropped the toll- free number. they say it will save $500,000. the toll-free number for automated service is still available. in dc, a refreshing soda will cost you more, too if mary tay has your way. she proposed a one cent an ounce tax on a sugary beverage sold in dc. she also says it will help to reverse childhood obesity. what do you think of that proposal? she says it will raise millions but should the city tax us and the sodas in the name of health. it costs nothing to share your
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thoughts with mcginty's mail bag. the address is we won't do it is governor mcdonnell's message for the obama administration about creating a high-risk pool. it will help people with life- threatening illnesses afford health insurance under the reform plan. today was the deadline for states to opt in or take a lead from the federal government. detectives and prosecutors see a lot of pain an grief on their jobs. and today we learn just how personally they can get involved in the emotional side of tragedy. scott broom met a team from montgomery county with a remarkable story. >> these two little girls, jasmine and menee were murder by their adoptive mother and their bodies were stuffed in a freezer. the mother, renee bowman of montgomery county convicted and sentenced to life and today we learn what happened on the other side of evil.
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>> they gained custody of the girl's remains. >> reporter: this team, montgomery county investigators and victims ' advocates were honored today for what they did after the spotlight faded. we're all brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins, wives. >> reporter: that is the police detective describing the motivation for this. these are photos of a memorial service for the girls at solomons. a service organized when they realized the girls had no family and their ashes were headed for a pauper's grave at a state hospital. >> here were these girls found in a freezer where they have been stored for two years and at the end of this they are back in a freezer again. it is just not right. >> we came there as the parents, friends and family they didn't have. we sang them a lullaby. there were a lot of tears. >> when i saw the pictures of the little girls smiling, just looking like they were enjoying
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life realize what happened to them really touched me. >> reporter: the site was chosen because of the proximity 0 the youngest sister. she will always have a place to come and visit her sisters and what better place to be surrounded by beauty. >> reporter: the surviving sister in this case is just 9 years old. some day, when she's older this investigative team plans to hand deliver a letter to her, explaining about the memorial and why so many people care. scott broom, 9 news now. >> and that group is still raising funds for a memorial stone. certainly a beautiful day to go out and plant a tree today. and that's what these students did at the burrows education center for arbor day. pepco donated nine trees to plant on campus. the redskins joined with agriculture a secretary and several school kids to plant a flowering magnolia tree at the nationaller arboretum. the winter is gone but you may
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have discovered the lasting impact on the landscaping it collapsed trees and broke branches and caused a host of problems. killed my azaleas. it may be springtime but a lot of us find that 'ole man winter is hanging out on the front lawn. >> this home is owned by a landscaper and at first glance looks like he has a perfectly manicured lawn but on further inspection it needs work. >> he speaks as you would expect an arborist would. he his lawn has been neglected after tending to everyone else's yard in his landscaping business. >> what you are seeing is they are still alive. you want to prune them, right beneath where they have been broken. >> get a stake in the ground and straighten it back up. you can do that or let it be. >> broken branches and trees
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that look like the leaning tower of pisa or in need of a v 8. this one at a 90-degree angle. >> the stump is there. >> other trees were a casualty of winter. a quick fix to hide it. >> use shrubs to hide it. what you are seeing in my yard you can see in the entire area. >> right there is all snow damage. >> a short walk brought us to don murphy's house. >> this across the street from my house and it broke. >> check out other yards, too. >> all leaned over. >> with a few tools, pruning sheers, rope and wooden stakes you at home can do much of the work. in herndon, virginia surae chinn, 9 news now. >> well, she had me up until she said you can do the work. >> you can. if you want to use bailing twine if you wrap them because you want it to eventually rot out.
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you don't want to do it with wire. >> you want it to go away on its own. >> right. a fantastic weekend and i just got back from the land and azalea festival and the 57th annual. and it is spectacular. the blooms occurred a little earlier this year but worth walking around the garden. you can buy azaleas, and herb and bug juice, ice cream. a ton of stuff to do with the family and proceeds go to benefit the scholarship fund and the teacher enrichment fund. it is a good time. 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. tomorrow and sunday and looks like it will be dry. you want to take a family portrait, go to the perkins garden. it is actually pretty spectacular. the next three days, very nice. we're still tucking in a shower on saturday, 86. almost 90 on sunday. but notice the storm. it will be sunday night and then the front takes up residence here on monday. shower and thunderstorms. temperatures in the mid-70s.
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tonight, clear and mild 56 to 64. winds southwesterly at ten. 85 today at dulles and low is 41. 44 temperature swing. big flux. cools off quickly and warms up quickly. 64 downtown. 58 college park. 57 in rockville. and only upper 50s in reston and mid-50s for sterling and leesburg and manassas. 50s and 60s yes but it will be 80 by lunchtime. winds southwesterly at ten. and by afternoon, not as picture perfect. it will be partly cloudy, breezy an quite warm. shower or thunderstorm is possible in the mid-80s but again not a lot of storms tomorrow. more like summer. look at the record. sunday's record highs at national 89 and dulles it is 88. both of those are in jeopardy on sunday. all right. zone forecast, all six zones are on our website at 80 in oakland. 82 cumberland. 80s in hagerstown, martinsburg
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and winchester. 88 culpeper tomorrow. mid-80s for warrenton and mid 80s to the east. 86 charles county and 86 saint mary's city, as well. 86 tomorrow an isolated storm. almost 90 on sunday. again as showers hold off until sunday night and more shower and thunderstorms on monday, back in the 70s. mid-70s on tuesday. a great day. wednesday is gorgeous. sunshine and 80. low 80s on thursday. maybe more storms next friday. sounds good. did you bring me an azalea back. >> i did but it is for lesli. >> we'll be right back.
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in the mail bag tonight, that disastrous gulf oil spill. it is pretty much impossible to overstate how severe the situation could soon become and john, from waldorf, maryland, says it is time to learn the lesson it teaches. just wonderful, another massive oil spill. this time in the gulf. what further evidence could we possibly need that off-shore drilling is an astronomically
7:26 pm
bad idea. the benefits cannot be anywhere near as great as is the environmental destruction to the planet, our home, and home to millions of other species. >> i was having the same conversation today, john and it was pointed out to me that everybody will be saying that same thing, that is until gas goes above $4 a gallon then and then our short memories may kick in and it will be back to drill baby drill. i'm not sure i totally buy it but they have a point. and then this from wanda in dc who attended the funeral service yesterday for dr. dorothy height. if hillary rodham clinton, a toker first lady could wear a hat at the funeral of dr. dorothy height surely michelle obama should have worn a hat since she personally benefited from dr. dorothy height's life work. >> this is beyond my experience but i talked to women in the newsroom and the don't census seemed to be the hat is a personal choice and not doing it certainly showed no disrespect to dr. height. and think of this, what if
7:27 pm
every woman had worn one of those hats. it might have been a bit much. your e-mail is never too much. keep it coming. don't forget to give us your name and where you are writing us from. that is our report. back here tonight at 11:00 along with anita brikman and log on anytime to we'll see you a bit later. bye-bye. q promise me low prices. and stick to it. like seriously low prices.
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did rielle hunter lie to oprah? this is "entertainment tonight." >> john edwards mistress versus andrew young. the latest news on the controversial sex tape. >> you taped it back together and you watched it. >> what andrew young just told me. dave on the record. >> it was reckless behavior on my part. >> breaking news about cheating on his wife. >> and the blackmail scandal. >> it knocks you down, you're scared and depressed. sandra's new baby. why jesse could cause trouble with the adoption. and the big surprise in the divorce papers that could cost sandra millions. it's a mercedes. >> meet the real man of the trump castle, 4-year-old barron. >> plus, inside melania's lavish closet. >> no cameras have ever been. >> her color-coded clothes.


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